Nescafé Memorable Moments

In order to celebrate Nescafé’s memorable 75 years of history, we asked fans to also share their most memorable stories.

Celebrating Nescafe’s 75 years among its fans and raising awareness for the brand’s anniversary.


Celebrate them on Facebook, through a contest that invited participants to share their most memorable stories with the brand.

People would tag 3 friends that were part of this memory and georeference the story in a map.
The first feature helped the app to spread exponentially, without using Like incentives or an obligation to invite friends. The second feature made discovering others stories more fun and interactive.


587 unique story authors
622 stories published
15,113 Likes on stories in the app
1850 Friends identified in Stories.
More than 1,000 shares
Average time spent on the app per visit: 0:04:49
17,238 new fans of the page directly from the app