Discovering Lisbon “Off the Map” with mytaxi.

22nd December 2016

Discovering Lisbon “Off the Map” with mytaxi.

The campaign challenges Joana Amaral Dias, Sérgio Felizardo and Fernando Nobre to find the best hidden places in Lisbon using mytaxi. The goal? To prove that a taxi driver knows the city like nobody else.


They knew what they wanted to do, but didn’t know where to go. The drivers of mytaxi were surprised but proved that, in fact, a taxi driver knows the city like nobody else.

The documentary series “Off the Map” is the campaign created by comOn and produced by Travis for the mytaxi app. In 3 series, we’ve put the mytaxi professionals at hands of the psychologist and political personality Joana Amaral Dias, the actor / musician Fernando Nobre and the editor-in-chief of Vice Portugal, Sérgio Felizardo.

«Besides the challenge of finding the best place to serve the purpose of each client; “Fora do Mapa” is a campaign that also shows the future of taxis: a service that is more digital and integrated, a service that stands out but remains true to the unparalleled knowledge of the city that only taxi drivers have. At least this is our commitment.» – Carlos Bispo, Marketing Manager mytaxi Portugal.

The app combines the best of a digital-based service with a continuous process of training and evaluation, making it possible to ensure a high-quality service.

The campaign also features a 15€ promotional code so that anyone in Portugal can use the service and prove that mytaxi is part of the taxi service of the future.

The app is available for iOS and Android.
Among several features, it is possible to evaluate a driver, pay through the smartphone (the app may be associated with a credit card or a PayPal account), or schedule a taxi service with a preferred driver.

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