Cannes in the eyes of the client, the agency and the producer.

10th July

Cannes in the eyes of the client, the agency and the producer.

3 different perspectives, the same goal: to achieve excellent results with extraordinary creativity and execution.


Friday, the 7th, HOOD received Cannes Lions Persp3ctives. One talk, in three different voices, that pretends to take relevant conclusions from what the biggest festival of the creative industry means in the Client, Agency and Producer’s perspective.

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And the big question is the same for everyone: what’s the recipe for a big action with great impact? Even if we highlight the different aspects of Cannes’ experience, the discussion converges on the following key points:

1. Align expectations;
It’s imperative to place all the involved parts in the same baseline on top of what’s in cause, what it’s meant to achieve and it’s importance for the future of the brand. This means that we want to guarantee that there’s safety in the answer when the question is why are we investing?

2. Lead efforts in the same direction;
Meaning, to work with a partnership logic. In order to achieve results beyond the expected it’s necessary that the construction has, right at the beginning, the “go the extra mile” mindset. And this doesn’t necessarily mean zero friction between all the parts, but a clear environment to discuss and the commitment from everyone to take the message of the brand in an empathic and clearest way possible.

3. Put the message as the founding principle of the idea, being more important over the technology that transmits it.
Even though Cannes is more and more surrendered to the possibilities that new technologies can build, the fact is that nothing is stronger than the power that the influencer of a message has of conquering the public.

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Sérgio Carvalho, Head of Marketing at Fidelidade, stated the following:

“Going to Cannes is to understand how the world of publicity and the sphere of agencies work. It’s something I absolutely recommend to anyone in the position of client. For those who are in the creative side, help your clients to also know the workflow of the agency and how both can agilize processes in order to achieve success.”

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Tico Moraes, Founder & Partner Studio Nuts, reminds:

“In perfect projects, more than resilience and courage, patience is needed. You may have a great idea, but sometimes it’s not the right time for it to come out.”

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Luís Serra, our Chief Strategy Officer, together with both the creative directors Luiz Medeiros e Pedro Ribeiro,focused on the following:

The jury, above all, valorizes the impact of the action having its context in mind. And the exercise done by the brands that have been highlighted is the exact interpretation effort and intelligent reaction, capable of delivering value to the public. An empathy exercise that allows us to understand the brand that moves us, placing us as the bridge that allows us to move closer to that personal achievement.

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