The creative process

There is always room for
one more pair of shoes.
great ideas

At comOn, creativity is not owned by any particular department. Creativity results from the process and essentially serves to come up with solutions that generate empathy. We are all creative. We combine skills which, in turn, are the basis to create our work.

We like to use the word "creative" as an adjective, opposed to a job description. In a User Marketing Agency we consider creative all the work that contributes to generate empathy between brand and user.

In the eyes of User Marketing, Empathy is the fundamental principle for creating user experiences.

Nobody holds the secret formula of creativity. Creative work can come from anyone. It may come from a designer, a copy, an art director, a programmer, an account or even the CEO. Here, also, empathy is central. It is only by talking and sharing experiences that we understand each other.

We define creative teams by choosing people for the empathy they may have with the marketing problems we are challenged with. The more diverse the nature of the team involved in the process, the richer the conversation, the easier it is to understand the marketing problems, and the better the solutions at the end of the line.